What is tendonitis and what is the treatment?

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Know that tendinitis or inflammation of the joints is essential to treat their annoying and painful symptoms.

An essential part of our skeleton are the joints, which allow the correct mobility of our body. However, when the lubrication is overloaded and reduced, an inflammation of the joints occurs.

What is tendonitis and what is the treatment? – Wellness and Health

What is tendonitis?

We call tendinitis to the inflammation of a tendon, which is caused by overuse of the tendons. In many cases this has become a chronic pathology with a high recidivism rate.

At the same time this condition causes pain and increased sensitivity in the affected area. Tendinitis should not be confused with tendinitis. In the first case the inflammation is acute and does not produce changes in the tendons. But in the second case it occurs when there are changes in the structure of the tendon.

It is important clarify that tendinitis can appear in different places, the elbow, heel, wrist and shoulder being the most frequent.

What causes tendonitis?

We already know What is tendonitis?, now we must know what causes this condition. The main cause of its appearance is muscle overload or injuries. But it can also be due to a pathology or age.

What is tendonitis and what is the treatment? – Wellness and Health

As we age the tendons lose elasticity producing degenerations. However, in most cases it occurs in young adults due to repetitive stress.

Some pathologies can also cause this condition as is the case of diabetes type 1 and 2 or rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms of tendonitis

The most common symptoms in this condition are pain and swelling in the affected area and intense pain at night. To understand its symptoms we must also know that there are several degrees.

If it is grade 1 the discomfort will appear after physical activities, in grade 2 also appear during the exercise. In grade 3 the discomfort appears during the sport, already in the grade 4 it is incapacitated to do sport.

Prevention of tendonitis

Failure to treat tendinitis correctly can lead to a long-term problem. Where the inflammation of the tendon persists for a long time, resulting in injury risks and possible rupture of the tendon.

As mentioned earlier, this condition is caused by an overload or injury to the tendons. That is why experts recommend;

• Always stay hydrated.

• Do not perform repetitive movements.

• Warm up before a physical activity.

• Maintain the flexibility and strength of the joints with the exercise.

Tips to treat tendonitis

Knowing what tendinitis is, is essential because it allows you to act quickly before your presence. To calm the tendinitis you can follow the following tips;

What is tendonitis and what is the treatment? – Wellness and Health


If you want to correct the problem, the first thing you should do is save the affected member's rest. That is to say, you should not move or make much effort in that area for a few days.

In cases of going to the doctor this surely enyese the affected joint, nevertheless we ourselves can maintain it in rest, without needing to go with a doctor.

Apply ice pack

If you already know what tendinitis is, you should assume that placing an ice pack in the affected area is a good option and it is. In this way we achieve that the inflammation is reduced.

You can also make an infusion of chamomile let it freeze and with the help of a handkerchief place it on the affected tendon.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel serves as a regenerator and anti-inflammatory. For cases of tendinitis we can take three leaves of the plant take the gel and mix it in half a glass of hot water.

We must add the mixture obtained in a compress, to apply it in the injured area. Then make sure you cover well with a bandage.

Rosemary alcohol

Rosemary stands out for being anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antiseptic and cardiotonic. For these cases we must mix 25 grams of rosemary with 250 cubic cm of ethyl alcohol. The mixture should be stored in a dark, tight-fitting bottle for one week.

As a result we will have a great perfect tonic to massage the affected area.