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Green coffee benefits and contraindications

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Coffee has been a subject of controversy for many people since ancient times, due to the number of uses, applications and contraindications it offers. However, its uses and benefits go further than what seems like a simple drink.

Get to know this coffee bush, specifically the benefits and contraindications offered by green coffee.

It is important to know that this type of coffee is original from Hawaii, Brazil and Colombia and it is a type of coffee with a stronger flavor than the one you are used to, that is, traditional coffee or black coffee.

It should be noted that the difference between these two types of coffee depends exclusively on the type of process of each of them, when the coffee is already processed, that is, roasted, it is known as black coffee.

However, when the coffee is green, it is virgin, because it is a coffee that has not yet gone through any conservation or chemical process. That is why when it is in this natural state, it provides greater benefits than already roasted or processed coffee.

Benefits of green coffee

According to information revealed by the American specialist Dr. Oz, green coffee has many properties that help alleviate various diseases or ailments.

Keep blood pressure under control

Minimizes the appearance of calculus in the kidneys.

It intervenes in the diabetes process, controlling blood sugar levels. Especially in cases of type 2 diabetes.

Reduces exhaustion or tiredness after a hard day's work, thus helping to control fatigue.

It gives people a state of satiety, which allows them not to overeat. Maintaining a suitable weight

It is ideal for minimizing or reducing cellulite or unwanted fat deposits.

Stimulates the nervous system, brain, helping to maintain memory

Coffee is an element highly full of properties and antioxidants, which is why it is recommended to intervene in the prevention of cancer.

It intervenes in constipation processes, thanks to the union of the intestine with the chlorogenic acid substances of coffee, this allows the intestine to clean itself. However, precautions must be taken because in some people it causes diarrhea.

Specialist studies also revealed that coffee is also effective for the skin because it opens up the pores, allowing for deeper cleansing.

Specialist studies also revealed that coffee is also effective for the skin because it opens the pores, to allow a deeper cleaning.

Coffee preparation method

To prepare it is very simple , you just have to strain it in a Greta coffee maker when the water is boiling, add a little sugar and you are ready to enjoy a delicious green coffee.

It is recommended to consume it daily, from one to two cups per day. However, there are people who take it in excess and this has unpleasant consequences or health conditions.

The best way to consume it is by consulting a doctor, in this way the necessary precautions are taken, depending on the state of health of each person. Thus preventing possible risks due to improper intake.

Some contraindications or side effects

The dose of coffee must be adequate because otherwise there are risks of contracting, exacerbating or causing other even more serious diseases.

· Increased Homocysteine in the plasma, which triggers heart or cardiac diseases.

Increases anxiety levels

Increases depression



· Diarrhea, if you are experiencing this disease, the most recommended is not to drink coffee because it could worsen the patient's condition.

Loss of sleep or insomnia

Nausea or vomiting

· Increase of the respiratory frequence

Headache or headache

Ringing in the ears


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