Importance of the liver

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The liver has the responsibility of supplying various functions at the metabolic level in the body, which is why Chinese medicine considers it one of the organs that demands the most attention.

The preservation of their health translates to general well-being, as it helps to purify, while promoting energy, but how to take care of the liver?

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Basic measures to preserve liver health

In general, to cleanse the liver two basic measures are required: on the one hand, follow a diet low in fat, and on the other, avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In addition, the consumption of easily digested foods and proper hydration is essential.

Signs of an overloaded liver

Constipation, lack of concentration, constant indigestion, feelings of anger or apathy without reason, dry skin and even, difficulty in making decisions, are some of the symptoms that usually indicate that the liver demands urgent attention. The solution? a diet full of adequate food.

What to eat to clean the liver?

In the first instance, it is advisable to substitute butter or margarine for jams, and to avoid the consumption of flatulent foods, because in general, liver diseases are accompanied by abdominal pain, a picture that obviously complicates gas.

In this sense it is advisable to rule out the intake of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and soft drinks.

The fats will also leave the menu such as bacon, cream cheese, fatty meats, sausages, yellow cheeses, mayonnaise, oils, sauces, milk and whole yogurts and the preparation of the food must be grilled, baked or boiled.

Finally, it is recommended to replace the condiments with herbs and natural foods such as garlic, to season the dishes, which will be consumed cooked, avoiding the intake of fruits and raw vegetables.

Foods for a healthy liver

Foods for a healthy liver

Artichokes: due to the presence of silymarin in its composition, they have excellent detoxifying properties for the liver, simply by eating them - raw or steamed - or in infusion accompanied by lemon juice 2 to 3 times a week.

Leek: like the onion and garlic, the leek concentrates large amounts of sulfur compounds, indispensable allies to restore health and proper functioning to the liver system.

Asparagus: the water and sulfur prevailing in the composition of the asparagus makes it a key ingredient in the elimination of toxins through urine, as well as in the formation of essential sulfur amino acids to stop the cleaning process.

Chickpeas: in the list could not miss the natural source of amino acids, necessary for the formation of enzymes that are involved in the metabolism of liver cleansing.

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