Home remedies for muscle aches

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When physical activity is excessive, muscular pains usually appear, but thanks to the power of natural or scientific science, we can quickly alleviate them with perseverance and dedication.

There are many people who love to do exercises continuously and in some cases exceed their exercise routine, by doing so they are at risk of suffering from muscle pain or myalgia.

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Below is a series of several natural treatments that can relieve us at the time that this condition is occurring. They are:

Coconut oil

This ingredient has a high percentage of properties, minerals and vitamins that help minimize or relieve the body when in the presence of muscle pain and not only this type of disease but many others.

It is for this reason that most people who like sports, fitness, or other physical activity include it in their daily diet either as a dessert or as oil to make their meals.


Caffeine is another ingredient selected for people who practice some sports or physical activities because it encourages the nervous system It is even suggested to consume it long before starting your exercise routine because you get better results, some are unaware that it is undoubtedly an excellent relaxing in the muscular group. The only suggestion is that it should not be consumed in excess.

Vitamin B and C

All those who practice sports or perform some physical discipline are recommended to include this group of vitamins in their daily diet, they are vital because they allow the muscle to recover more quickly

The two B and C are fused to greatly reduce myalgia. One recovers and controls the levels of stress and the other allows the necessary complement of the other functions to be carried out.

Each in acts as a single solution. For example, vitamin B6 is responsible for recovering and improving the way the body processes food to synthesize amino acids and nutrients.


Chamomile is known as an astringent lotion that helps the body in many diseases and within these is the Myalgia for its large content of flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory powers.

It can be used as a direct tonic on the skin or through its oil to perform the massage or as a tea that calms and releases stress to the body.


Turmeric is a food that has a large amount of antioxidant in addition to being a great anti-inflammatory. Its effect is considered as very satisfactory in the diseases of muscular pains, it is always good to take an infusion or ingest it when a physical activity or sport begins.

The rest, as in any activity that takes place every day, suggests a break for the body to recover the wear that generated it.

It is very important to sleep as indicated and necessary for at least eight hours a day. When pain is felt with great intensity it will always be necessary to stop and rest to recover those muscles that are tired and moving.